Paris, Ontario

Paris, Ontario — Canada's 'Prettiest Little Town'

The County of Brant's largest urban centre, Paris is located where the Grand and Nith Rivers meet and received its' name from the product made from the mined gypsum that lay along the Grand River bed and banks. Many walls and ceilings around the world have a little piece of this community within in them, if they were made using Plaster of Paris!

About Paris ON.

Paris was voted "the Prettiest Little Town in Canada" by Harrowsmith Magazine, so it comes as no surprise thousands of visitors take in this beautiful, quaint, heartwarming town all year long.  Whether it's covered with lush Carolinian foliage, exploding with the colours of a fall palate, a Holiday postcard setting complete with church spires dusted in a light covering of snow or a spring fairytale riverside scene, time spent in Paris is always an experience cherished.

Paris has buildings in pristine condition marking various architectural styles including Victorian, Edwardian, Gothic and Post Modern however Paris is best known for the cobblestone buildings including 2 churches and 10 residences that are all in use still today. Some of these buildings used over 14,000 cobblestones all of near identical size and shape painstakingly drawn from the Grand and Nith Rivers to create.  These working cobblestone buildings are so revered and unique that Paris is quite commonly known as, "The Cobblestone Capital of Canada". The architecture of Paris is second to none and needs to be experienced in person to be fully appreciated.

It's said that when he sat horseback looking down upon the area where the Nith and Grand Rivers come together Hiram Capron, founder of Paris vowed to himself in full breath, "I do believe I would like to own this lovely vale".  It's a sentiment that to this day falls across those that visit this special place.

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